This is a threefold collection (with Reclining Figures & Still Lives) of ‘ready-made’ scenes of ‘garbage’ and ‘discarded’ materials in a natural setting with reference to classical forms.

 It started in 2004- after taking up residence in Paddington Sydney- with a search for a subject in the typical manner of Street photography. The dense urban alleyways and winding narrow streets provided a perfect environment for a study in difference through repetition. What emerged from repeated expeditions was a focus on discarded objects and figurative investigations exemplified in the collections Reclining Figures & Still Lives.

This idea culminates in the series Landmass which began in 2009 following another resettlement in a regional township. With this series, the subject matter is readdressed to Landscape completing a kind of homage to the essential trinity of art historical forms: figure/object/place.

The processing center for regional waste was the perfect setting for a concentrated effort (thanks to a 6 month residency program with the Australia Council for the Arts) on the romanticism of an ever-changing, reconstituted landscape.

Together, this collection reveals a contemporary metaphor for consumption and the ironic nature of art and beauty alongside human intervention.