Ascension & Descend

I have taken the metaphor of the stairway as a poetic vehicle for passage and deliverance, even as it applies to the act of photography.

Looking for pictures is a search for some kind of permanence, like turning your back on the inevitable, or, giving another interpretation to what is considered commonplace. It’s a feeling or yearning that there could be something precious revealed around the corner and it needs to be contained otherwise it may be lost.

In a perfect parallel, this series was inspired by a period of constant travel and a chance reading on the life of Emmanuel Swedenborg, a prominent 18th Century Swedish philosopher/mystic who at 53 had an “spiritual awakening” that gave him access to walk freely amongst the angels and demons as he documented Heaven & Hell.

I wanted to make a trophy of the most ordinary structure and present it as an exotic postcard, reminiscent of places and memories, suggesting more than what it is.