First Film (1982)

This is the digitised remnant of my first attempt at putting images to music. It was the central piece to a three part Super 8mm work towards a degree (Diploma of Fine Art) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1982.

 The opening film was a comment on surveillance. In the first scene a person is seen filming something. As the film progress, we see that the previous sequence was filmed by the current one and this interweaving of gazes occurs all the way to a shot of the final destination, which is the cinema itself where the film is being projected. A zoom shot then leads into First Film.

 First Film was an excuse to execute a music video. A track by Tuxedomoon called Volo Vivace was used to contrast short sequences from two films, The Curse of the Cat People & The Story of O, creating a lyrical elegy on the subject of unsatiated desire.

The last section used recorded dialogue from the TV soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful played over a black screen and then intercut with 2 actors playing out scenes that could be interpreted as either romantic encounters or arguments.