Not so Pretty (working title)

This photographic project is an elegy to a fallen street based sex-worker and the town of St Kilda. It invokes the genre of paranormal photography to observe a re-visitation of moments and places, like an envisioned environmental portrait of an invisible subject.

Without direct experience, it’s impossible to really judge where another person is in their life; their physical reality and appearance remain a mystery. Unless our attention and sympathy is drawn by certain facts, stories, revelations, impressions...we are literally, bystanders. Sometimes, through abstract ideas and allegories, art has the ability to get us closer, or, at least, in touch enough to imagine inhabiting another world that is outside of the one we create around ourselves.

Not so Pretty (working title) is a series of images that act as visual markers that are based on accounts, experiences and locations frequented by an individual that remains nameless. We want these ordinary and commonplace scenes to come from an inner, psychological perspective, as if there is always someone present in the picture, urging to be seen.